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Post to save this community from being purged hiya
22 December 2009 @ 03:37 pm
I don't know if anyone still visits this community, since it's been SEVEN months since I posted anything, but I think I'm getting back in the ~zone~ for graphics making and I'm gonna try and post more often, rather than saving up stuff for big batches. At least till I get my full mojo back, haha. ;)

Anyways, I did a wallpaper yesterday to go with one of my not-yet-finished fics, one where Nick is a vampire. I actually have two vampire-Nick fics in the works, one of them an AU (well, vampires are pretty AU ahahah, but I mean AU as in they're not brothers and famous), and I've not really decided yet which one of them this is for... It works for either one though, I guess. Heh. :)

...It's honestly not my best work, but I kinda like it, enough so that it's my current desktop, haha. ;)
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10 May 2009 @ 03:45 pm
*COUGHS* sooo, 2 months. WHERE'D THEY GO?! Um, when I get 'down' periods, I get DOWN periods, alright. I basically haven't had any icon mojo in forever, but apparently spring feelings must've worked wonders for me, because; ta-daa!

So yeah, everyone's already iconed the KCA pics like a million times, but they're so SPRING-Y/SUMMER-Y, I just love them! So I had to too :) And this batch is very 'trend-typical', I've tried to do my take on some trends that are going around at the moment. I'm kinda lovin the styles that are "hot" at the moment in iconmaking. They're very summer-y. :)

(BTW, LV&TT photoshoot? Still dying, FYI. ajhdfjksfks. <333)

Well. Enjoy! And let's hope this weather will inspire me again soon! :D

+ Jonas Brothers
+ Demi Lovato
+ Miley Cyrus
+ Julianne Hough
+ Taylor Swift
+ Carrie Underwood
+ Zac Efron
+ Vanessa Hudgens


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- Comments are love
- Credit please
- Don't hotlink
- Don't alter

08 March 2009 @ 08:56 pm
copied from other communities..

There is a new Malware Virus circulating the internet that mainly targets communities. It apparently is a mod post looking entry that will let members know that the community "is closing" then deletes all entries in the comm. (HOW SAD I KNOW T_T) The post will include links, which is obviously the virus, that will get ahold of yours (and your f-list's) personal info.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up, and let you all know that we are NOT closing this community any time soon so if a post like that DOES show up, please do not click anything. Report the entry to LJ. This goes for any other communities as well. So yeah, just to warn you guys. :)

Just a heads up! :)
01 March 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Wow, I really got caught up in variations this time, haha. :P Seriously, I'm not really sure what Photoshop puked over some of the random Jonai ones... o.0 LOL but I guess it looked interesting enough? xD
Tried a bunch of random stuff on these so please tell me what you think? :3

50 icons, 5 banners;
+Jonas Brothers [w. Jordin Sparks]
+Demi Lovato [w. Madison]
+Hannah Montana


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26 February 2009 @ 09:52 pm
Post contains:
+Jonas Brothers + backup band aka "Bulldozers"
+Demi Lovato
+Leona Lewis


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24 February 2009 @ 04:32 pm

For now. Leave HIGH QUALITY pictures please!

People I normally icon and am familiar with are preferred but feel free to try me with others too. As long as I don't despise the person/s, I can give it a go. :)

New icon post coming tonight or tomorrow!

11 January 2009 @ 03:45 pm
Hello! First I'd like to say thanks to those who've joined, I'm flattered, and I love you for it! <3

Second, some of you may know I'm having a bit of a bandwidth issue right now. Our monthly bandwidth is 98-99% exceeded which means I can't really save down pics or do much on the internet right now, so there won't be any graphics for a while. I don't really know when our bandwidth will go back to normal, it depends on how careful we are in the upcoming week or so.

I just thought I'd let you know why I'ts been a bit quiet here. I'll be back as soon as our bandwidth is ok! :)

- Jess

( & I'll leave the icon post unlocked till I can post a new one :) )
05 January 2009 @ 12:42 pm
For each time you promote the community somewhere, I'll give you 2 icon requests (i.e. you promote at your personal journal & a community, that'll give you 4 icons). So go ahead and spread the word!
Just comment to this post with a link to where you posted to claim your icons :)

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